BetMakers to power Carnival billions

Saturday is Caulfield Cup Day with the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival now in full swing. The Carnival itself is on its way to generating a staggering $2 Billion in betting turnover! The Spring Carnival takes hold of Melbourne like no other racing event in the world with the two traditional centerpieces, Saturday’s Caulfield Cup and ‘the race that stops the nation’ in the Melbourne Cup locked in to Australian folklore since the 1800s.

Through the carnival, equine superstars emerge or reinforce their status such as Winx aiming for a record fourth-straight Cox Plate or a horse like The Autumn Sun announcing he could well be racing’s next sensation after demoralising his rivals in the Caulfield Guineas on the Saturday just gone.

Whether it is The Autumn Sun or a Winx, any starter in Saturday’s Caulfield Cup or any runner in any race on any day, whatever the race, whatever the day, they will have thousands of dollars of punters money riding with them.

Providing the systems and the technology backbone for the bookmakers to process the millions of dollars in punters bets throughout the carnival are, The BetMakers.

With advertising campaigns in full-swing now for Caulfield Cup Day and the carnival as a whole, it’s hard for any consumer of any media to not have seen an advertisement in the red of Ladbrokes, the blue and yellow of SportsBet, the orange of Neds, the purple of BetEasy or any of the other liveries of the many other corporate bookmakers that will hold the bulk of punters investments throughout the carnival.

Bookmaking has progressed over the years; from the intimidating, rusted-on well-dressed man churning out cardboard tickets with crayon symbols on his stand, shouting the odds with a penciller not missing a beat in recording every bet manually, and a bagman grabbing every dollar being thrown his or her way.

Today, the majority of money comes through off-track, often multi-national companies that require sophisticated systems to price and manage their racebooks. These companies rely on the technology of the BetMakers group.

Managing ‘the book’ now comes to down to data-driven risk-management systems, automated as much as they possibly can be, designed to make wagering on and displaying a wide range of markets as seamless as possible for the corporate organisations customers.

Vital to this with most of the major holders of turnover is the BetMakers DNA subsidiary GBS owned product ‘Price Manager’.

Using live, predicted and automated price collection being streamed into the bookmakers, ‘Price Manager’ allows the operator to have a base to weight their prices off. This can be derived from many factors including their own opinions, other bookmakers prices and general market support.

Comparing odds is now a vital tool, where in years gone by it was a matter of just scanning around the ring and seeing what price was being bet by your competitors, with operations now covering the width and breadth of Australia without having the most reliable methods to do this would be akin to the corporate bookmakers going in to a boxing ring with a blindfold and arms tied behind their back.

The BetMakers ‘DynamicOdds’ trading platform has been the world-leader in this technology for a decade and there isn’t a trading room in Australia that doesn’t use this platform as a major tool in their race-day operations.

But it isn’t just the bookmakers that BetMakers technology is buzzing around behind the scenes for; ‘Dynamic Odds’ is available to the public through subscription, which includes a free two-week trial for new-comers.

DynamicOdds also commenced driving the price and data information being displayed in the ‘Melbourne Racing Club Punters Lounge’ on track at Caulfield last week, just in time for Saturday’s Caulfield Cup.

This data is where the BetMakers offerings have most likely been heard of in the public domain with ‘DynamicOdds’ being the provider of the official price for all racing jurisdictions across Australia.

Regular punters would have heard reference through the host-broadcasters to the VOP (Victorian Official Price), NOP (NSW Official Price) or QOP (Queensland Official Price), these are all under contract to ‘DynamicOdds’.

So whether it is your wager on Saturday’s Caulfield Cup or any other race that is contested through the carnival or any other time throughout the year, the likelihood is that the BetMakers has had a major involvement in that bet being struck.

As the name BetMakers suggest, that’s what we do, we make bets!