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Platforms & Widgets

From full white-label betting platforms to customised widgets to inject into your exisiting offering. The BetMakers can take care of all your sportsbook needs.
Specialising in the racing widget you can get a ready-made racing solution to hook straight into your sportsbook.

Comes fully integrated with everything the BetMakers have to offer including your fields, form, Informatics, and pricing.

A tailored solution to fit exactly the look and feel of your brand with customised pages including logos, colours, fonts & buttons integrated directly into your existing platform so it looks and feels exactly like your current offering.

With the fully automated race day controls and pricing solution, you can start offering bets on more than 4,000 races each week.
The whitelabel sportsbook provides a complete, self contained platform offering. The product provides all functionality to manage:
  • User accounts, transactions, bets, offloads, verification
  • Available events, markets and product offerings
  • Promotion and content management
This option is suited for those looking to launch a new sportsbook or update their current sportsbook platform.
Widget integration provides a wide range of visual components that can be integrated into an existing client website. Widget integration is a lower barrier to entry, and provides a quick, seamless integration of various visual components. The widgets themselves have the same range of customisation that the Full Website Integration provides such as:
  • Automatic integration into the backend product
  • Out of the box support for data updates
  • Same customisation as a Full Website Integration
For more information on how to customize and theme the platform, refer to the Theme and Configuration section of this document. Widget integration comes in two flavours: iFrame widget and Script widget
iFrame Integration is the quickest integration method to get a client up and running. The iFrame source will be a website hosted, and managed by The BetMakers, providing the full range of customisation. iFrame Integration by nature of the technology can be restrictive, but provides a feature rich integration.

The iFrame integration provides a range of 'hooks' which allow a clients website to identify when certain actions are performed, such as:
content resize, authentication status changes and bet placement.
Script Integration
Script integration is the most advanced component integration available with a wider range of widgets available. Script Integration is:
  • Javascript that is embedded into the clients website, which means the code is executed in the same environment as the existing website.
  • The nature of the technology means Script Integration will deliver higher performing components, a wider range of customisation and allows for integration of multiple widgets on one page to communicate with one another. This means that the client may choose exactly where each component will be rendered, and still support the components communicating (such as Race Card and the Bet Slip).